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Food Poisoning and Food Safety

Food Poisoning Updates

The CDC reports there are approximately 48 million cases of food born illness annually in the U.S.  caused by pathogens such as Norovirus, Campylobacter, E. coli, Listeria, and Salmonella.  About 1-in-6 Americans will get food poisoning each year - Romaine Lettuce E. coli lawsuit

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 Hazard analysis and critical control points is the systematic approach to preventing biological, chemical, and physical hazards during the manufacture and processing of foods.   National Food Safety Expert: Dr. Fadi Aramouni  

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FDA and CDC Activities

U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention work with State and Local Health Agencies to Keep Food Safe in America.  For a list of Agencies to Report food Poisoning, click here.

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Product Recalls: Food Poisoning

Recalls are usually voluntary, and occur following a positive test for one of the known pathogens.  Routine testing of meat by the FSIS, FDA, or  local food agency can initiate a recall - all part of food safety in the USA.

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Food Safety and Nutrition

Food Safety in the U.S. is a partnership between the U.S. government, responsible companies, and the economic forces that mepenalize poorly operated food companies and rewards those with a track record of food safety.  A recent Romaine Lettuce E. coli Outbreak is a perfect example.

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Food Borne Illness Outbreaks

Outbreaks include any multiple illness scenario traced to a communicable disease.  Most food poisoning outbreaks are preventable through proper sanitation, personal hygiene,and careful application of good manufacturing practices (GMP)

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About food safety news

Food safety news is about preventing illness.  Ideally this is done at the inception, with proper food handling, such as proper application of good manufacturing practices (GMPS), proper  Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) when required, excellent personal hygiene,  and effective monitoring from farm to table (FTT).  In the absence of one or more of these, food borne illness outbreaks occur, most commonly from pathogens like salmonella, e. coli (which can lead to hemolytic uremic syndrome), campylobacter, Cyclospora (a parasite), and the ever-common Norovirus.

Unfortunately, food poisoning is like an automobile wreck.  It is never free of costs.  As a food poisoning lawyer, Dr. Coveny works with insurance companies (and most restaurants and food producers, like drivers, are required to carry insurance!).  In these situations, as a food poisoning lawyer, Dr. Coveny works with the insurance carriers, defendants, and injured victims to cover medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  Dr. Coveny does so aggressively to remind food producers and distributors to importance of maintaining safe food in the US. To speak to one of The Coveny Law Firm Food Poisoning Lawyers, call 1-800-224-8146.

Dr. Tony Coveny is a food poisoning lawyer with Ron Simon & Associates, editor and author.

Dr. Tony Coveny is a food poisoning lawyer with Ron Simon & Associates, editor and author.


Food Poisoning News - Food Safety Issues

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About Food Poisoning and Food safety news

Dr. Anthony Coveny

food poisoning lawyer Tony Coveny

Dr. Coveny is a former professor of American Government, and the primary sponsor/contributor.  he is a long-time food safety advocate and a practicing food poisoning lawyer.  As a former professor, he writes and works to promote safe food handling and safe food in America by lecturing and contributing to this blog.  He also works to encourage safe food production through the courts by bringing food poisoning lawsuits on behalf of the victims of food poisoning. See   Melon Salmonella Lawyer, Romaine Lettuce E.coli Lawyer, Cyclospora Outbreaks, and cases of Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome.

Safe Food is the Foundation of Life

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The contributors of this informational blog have been involved in teaching food safety, training in HACCP and GMPS, and/or been involved as lawyers or experts in hundreds of food poisoning lawsuits aimed at making food safer in this country.   Every person deserves to enjoy safe food!  For more information about contributing to this blog as an academic, professional, or concerned citizen, or for more information about any outbreak, including salmonella, E. coli, Cyclospora, Campylobacter, Norovirus, or Ciguaterra, among the many,  you can call 


Farm to Table Safety

E. coli Lawsuit

The GMPs required to ensure farm to table safety in our food chain need to be a central component of the corporate culture of every food producer, manufacturer, or suppler. Part of this is to ensure that HACCP procedures are followed, that personal hygiene is enforced, and that there is not breakdown at any stage in the stream of commerce.  Any  gap, opening, or participant can be the door that a dangerous pathogen is waiting for. Diligence in good food production, as well as enforcement by the USDA, FDA,  state and local health agencies, and through personal injury lawsuit are vital.